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Purpose and Core Values

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15th Mar 2020 by ms_admin


To Enhance Community Value, Sustainably and Responsibly

We choose to live and work in the communities that we represent. We choose to make a difference and to improve the spaces and the lives of the residents and stakeholders.

Join us in our purpose, and help enhance the communities in which you visit.


Our core values are the principles that drive us. These lay the foundations of every decision we make and guide the way that we interact with our staff, our customers and our community.

Commitment to Performance Excellence

Create an environment of continuous self-improvement, that encourages teamwork, sharing, knowledge transfer and training. Every person is a champion and we commit to enhancing their abilities.

Living with Less Impact.

Locally produced, environmentally friendly products where possible. Promote the values of a low impact lifestyle. Give people the opportunity to experience low impact living in action.

Meaningful Community Involvement

Promote the concept of “Return on Involvement” and not “Return on Investment”. Our involvement in the community creates meaningful sustainable returns. Contribute responsibly and meaningfully to the betterment of the local community.

Reputational Excellence

We hold our values in the highest regard, and ensure that these influence our actions within the community and at home. We live the message we are trying to preach.

Meaningful Customer Relationships

Our success comes from relationships with our business stakeholders (customers and property owners, as well as with our community). We create relationships that benefit each other mutually. Build long lasting relationships with our business stakeholders.  Create an open welcoming environment that focuses on maintaining the relationship.

Advocates of Responsible Tourism

Provide travellers with a responsible place to spend their money, knowing that their investment is impacting on the health, wealth and opportunities of the community they are visiting.

Be advocates of responsible tourism practices and enlighten our customers on the impact of their travel spend.

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