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AirBnB Property and Hospitality Management
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AirBnB and Property Management Services

MUi STAYS is a responsible property and hospitality management (AirBnB management) agency with a focus on creating a meaningful impact in both our environment and our community. We market your property through a network of over 250+ marketing channels. Environmentally and socially responsible while generating the best returns on your property.

We believe that we cannot have a successful business, if our environment or community is not successful in return.

Being a Responsible Tourism provider, we hope to impact our community positively, by making meaningful contributions both physically and financially to our community initiatives.

Property owners who partner with MUi STAYS believe in this same vision.

Originally started as Whale Watchers Properties back in 2003 we have seen the travel industry change and the effect that irresponsible management of one of our biggest resources (our tourism resources) has had on local communities.

Too much of our tourism benefit doesn’t find its way to local communities.

This is the challenge we face in a globalised community, and our plan to correct that action is to establish a responsible network of accommodation providers that works to improve the community and the environment in which we work and live.

MUi STAYS guests make conscious choices about the money they spend and the effect their stay has on the world.

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Our Purpose

To Enhance Community Value, Sustainably and Responsibly

Through socially responsible, environmentally friendly, quality accommodation

Socially Responsible

Meaningful Stays

MUi STAYS is all about making a meaningful community impact. Our company and staff partner with various organisations in the areas we work, to help uplift and improve the community. Through our MUi INITIATIVE we contribute financially by providing local producers an online platform to sell their products. We help artists find an audience through our events platform. We support beach clean-ups and promote good causes through our media outlets. We believe that successful living requires a successful community.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable Stays

Reduce your impact on the environment during your stay through our Low Impact Living program. Our environmental policy includes energy efficiency audits on all of our properties, carbon offsetting program for your stay, green cleaning products from Better Earth and sourcing all our materials from local producers who practice their craft sustainably.

Quality Accommodation

Comfortable Stays

We select properties that not only meet with our social and environmental policies, but with our quality guidelines also. Our properties offer superior comfort and facilities and are designed to ensure that a guests stay is memorable for all the right reasons. We want our clients to come back again and again, and be certain that a MUi STAYS property represents a level of quality that they can trust.

Our Services

Our property partners enjoy a full range of services from us to ensure their properties are achieving maximum results while still making a positive impact to our community.


Spreading the message far and wide

Our marketing program is a multi layered marketing approach. Our system enables your property to be displayed on over 250+ marketing channels where our focus is to build direct relationships with our guests to keep them coming back. Over 60% of our clients come directly and this is growing all the time. In addition to our own media channels we also employ the concept of social marketing where we prefer to spend our marketing resources on highlighting our community and the projects they are involved in. We focus primarily on marketing the destination in which our properties are located.
and many more …

Property Management

A partnership founded on responsibility

Our property partners are people who believe in the vision of our company. Of creating a meaningful impact in or community and environment. A property partner is more than just a financial partnership, is an opportunity for us to make the world better.

Every property on our portfolio is managed with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Managing your apartment does not only mean looking after the keys, it also means that we ensure your property is inspected before every guests arrival, your inventory is kept up to date, your property is in good working condition and tested before and after each stay. We are able to manage your relationships with body corporates, take over utility payments and look after all your property needs.


Highest standards of hospitality

Our housekeeping services are the foundation of our business. A clean experience is paramount to a successful customer experience. Our staff have been rigorously trained and bring years of experience to the housekeeping services we perform. With a fully digital system to track our housekeeping performance we are constantly monitoring and improving our service.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products supplied by Better Earth (a local manufacturer of green cleaning products). We also conduct disinfection and sanitisation of the apartments after every guests departure to ensure our managed properties meet with the highest standards.


Maximising property availability

Our service includes a dedicated handyman who is on-call for any maintenance needs that are required during the course of our services. Basic maintenance functions are taken care of at every turn.

Should a job require the assistance of outside professional help, our network of service partners are ready to respond to our calls and prioritise our needs. With a fully digital monitoring and reporting system, our team are able to identify issues, report them and inform a specialist of the issues straight away.

It is important that property issues are dealt with swiftly and that we have the team and experience to work with any manner of issues that may arise.