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September 6, 2021

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products, for the Conscious Traveller

Choosing an Eco-Friendly carbon-neutral approach to short term accommodation was a no brainer. Videos on how plastic waste is ruining our oceans is just one example of how life needs to change. It requires all of us to think a little about our choices, become more conscious if you will.

Better Earth cleaning products are found in all of the MUi STAYS apartments as standard.

Even before the local hit “My Octopus Teacher” showed us that nature is profound and beautiful, a call to save our planet was in full swing. Taking steps to preserve our planet is a collective effort. Simple steps such as choosing local made natural products, recycling where possible, reducing waste, are simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint. These are real tangible options to make a difference and they are not that hard to do.

At MUi STAYS it seemed clear that polluting the environment with cleaning chemicals was just not an option. We chose a local company (check) producing safe eco-friendly products (check) that were effective and a genuine alternative (check), packaged in recycled materials (check). After all, one of the first things a guest looks for in accommodation is the genuine cleanliness!

Enter the local Eco-Conscious Company who take Innovation Seriously – Better Earth.

Better Earth is a company that is creating effective alternatives to harsh cleaning chemicals. We tested their offerings over a period of months and found them to be a genuine solution for us. It gave us the chance to offer a green cleaning solution to replace harsh chemicals that damage the environment. Here we found a company that offered safe, natural cleaning solutions that actually support the environment. More than that, they work really well, smell fabulous and warm our hearts just because it does.

Better Earth created products that did an amazing job cleaning and nourishing not only the apartments we manage but also the guests who visit. We loved the fact that they are the conscious choice for us and our visitors.

The products are all free of harmful ethoxylated ingredients, sulphated surfactants, parabens, animal products, colourants and synthetic fragrances. Completely biodegradable, it has never been tested on animals and is safe for use with greywater systems and septic tanks. The beauty of Better Earth’s range is that their products are kept simple while still being effective. Plus, the 100% recycled bottle can be recycled again for clear conscience cleaning!

Here is a snapshot of what we chose to add to our apartments:

Better Earth’s Dish Washing Liquid cleans dishes perfectly. Super tough on even the thickest grease, it leaves dishes spotless and glass super shiny, while being easy on your hands.

Better Earth’s Dish Washing Liquid for Automatic Machines cleans dishes perfectly. Super tough on grease, it does not need additional rinse aids or salts to keep your dishwasher clean.

Better Earth’s Tiled Floor Cleaner gently cleans floors with its refreshing citrus aroma. It not only freshens the home but gives your floors a smooth and streak-free finish.

Better Earth’s Surface Cleaning Spray will leave surfaces spotless and smelling super fresh without compromising the environment. An all round excellent cleaner that cuts thought grease and grime.

Better Earth’s Body Wash which we use as a gentle but effective hand wash is perfect for the whole family. Fragranced using only natural oils rich in citrus, rose, and cedarwood.

We also use Better Earth’s Conditioning Laundry Washing Liquid cleans your laundry without compromising the environment. It leaves your laundry soft while being tough on stains. There is no need for added fabric softener as this gel is gentle and safe on all fabrics.

In the bathroom we have another of Better Earth’s Body Wash and also Better Earth’s Air Freshener. This leaves a gentle mist of lavender and grapefruit fragrance throughout the home without harmful aerosols that compromise the environment.

They have other products in their range and for more information please feel free to visit their website:

Most of our guests appreciate the gesture and more importantly the effectiveness of the products.

As one guest said in their 5/5 star review on google (for which we are very grateful):

…. I fell in love with your cleaning detergents they smelled fresh and weren’t even harmful to our skin. I even bathed my children with the bath gels and their sensitive skin wasn’t harmed.

Thank you to Belinda and Dominique, you guys are the best.

Google Review, June 2021

MUi STAYS is aiming to become a leader in providing environmentally friendly, socially responsible, quality accommodation. If you are looking for a place to stay along the peninsula in Cape Town and are conscious about your choices when travelling, then speak to us. We share your concerns for the environment.

MUi STAYS partners with property owners along the Capes’ South Peninsual region offering top quality accommodation with an exceptional level of service. If you are a property owner in the region, and are looking for a holiday rentals partner, then get in touch.

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