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February 14, 2019

Arts and History

History and Arts along the False Bay Coast


Muizenberg has drawn crowds for centuries. Whether it be the expansive beach, warmer seas or vibrant gatherings, this family holiday destination has always offered something unique and special.

Many of the historic buildings and sites reflect the history of this vibrant community; The Battle of Muizenberg, Het Posthuys Museum, the Millionaires Mile and Cecil John Rhodes’ Cottage, just to mention a few. There is a warmth in the people of Muizenberg, a rhythm much like the soft rolling waves and a vibrancy much like the colourful bathing boxes that line its shores. It is both calming and inviting, a welcome relief from the bustling busyness and frantic churning of much of the world today. Lets look back a moment.

Muizenberg Train Station

A Rather Dapper Visitor

Just a brief look around in Muizenberg and the building will be telling their own tales. In a bygone era the richest of the rich from Johannesburg would holiday here coming in on the railway and taking in the warmer seas and fresh clean air. Muizenberg was the destination of choice.

Promenading has been superseded by the opportunity to take to the water and catch a wave, something Heather Price may well have sparked being the first photographed to stand up surfing; on an Hawaiian wooden long board thanks to some training from visiting navy sailors.

Boyes Drive Race Track

In 1936 speed trials were held on the steep section of Boyes Drive from the main road to the top of the hill around the hairpin bend. Cars raced individually to see who could complete the course in the shortest time and the crowds flocked to see these foreign machines.

Centre for Festivals

Rather successfully Muizenberg has welcomed families yearly for ‘The Cape Town International Kite Festival, The Muizenberg Festival, many surfing championships, canoeing events, sailing schools and so much more. Perhaps another rising trend is Sunrise Beach Kitesurfing. Early Kites posed a danger and surfers could be seen being thrown tens of meters out of the water and onto the nearby road with catastrophic consequences. Now a testing spot for kite designers worldwide, sunrise beach is fast being heralded as the best training beach around.

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